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How Your Weight Affects Arthritis

Written by Growth 360, LLC

Arthritis can be an extremely painful condition that causes stiffness and swelling in the joints. If you have arthritis, then you are likely well aware of just how much this condition can impact your activities – and possibly even your entire life.

There are several ways that people can typically manage or control the pain that they have from their arthritis. These methods can include medication, as well as participating in various exercise regimens.

While it is not presently known just exactly what causes some forms of arthritis, it is known what some of the triggers may be that can cause the flare up of inflammation and / or pain. These can include stress, overworked muscles and joints, and even being overweight.

How Weight Can Cause Arthritis Flare-Ups

life insurance with arthritisOne of the primary factors that can be cause for arthritis flare ups is being overweight. This is because the additional pounds that a person is carrying can put added pressure on the bones, muscles, and joints.

Therefore, losing weight can have a number of key benefits if you suffer from arthritis. For example, having less weight can be a key factor in reducing arthritis pain. This is because less pressure on stiff or swollen bones and joints can provide at least some relief.

Losing weight can also help you in promoting better overall joint function. In this case, for instance, the mechanical pressure that occurs inside of the knee and other joints can be improved by losing weight. Likewise, less weight on the body can mean less inflammation. If for instance, a person is overweight, the signs of inflammation can course throughout the body.

Because pain can interfere with getting a good night’s sleep, those who have arthritis can often not get the relaxation that they need – which can also lead to additional harmful bodily effects. If, however, you are able to lose weight and reduce the amount of pain that you suffer, you may find that you will be able to receive a better night’s sleep.

Reducing your weight can also have many other benefits, as well, to the body. For instance, this can include better heart health, as well as the ability to relax and to get a better night’s sleep. Less pain and stiffness can also mean that you may not need to take as many – or any – medication to manage or control your pain.

Losing weight can also lead to additional benefits – as some of the medications that are prescribed for arthritis can have harmful side effects, such as heart attack and / or stroke. So, by reducing weight and reducing your need for medication, you can provide yourself with multiple advantages.

How To Manage Or Control Your Weight To Reduce Arthritis Pain

There are many different ways that you can manage or control your weight to help you with reducing the pain and swelling that come along with arthritis. One way is to maintain a healthy eating habit. This can include taking in the proper amount of fruits and vegetables, as well as cutting out items that are higher in calories or fat.

You could also participate in an exercise program. Even though the pain that you experience with arthritis may have you wanting to reduce activity, the truth is that the more you are able to move, the more flexible your bones and joints may become.

There are several types of exercises that can be beneficial for those who suffer from arthritis and are wanting to lose weight. These include strength training, such as working with weights, as well as certain aerobic moves.

Some of the other types of exercise that can be helpful for both losing weight and for reducing the swelling, pain, and stiffness of arthritis include the following:

  • Walking
  • Yoga
  • Tai Chi
  • Elliptical machine

Even if you do not start off right away with full-fledged exercise program for losing weight, remember that doing anything is typically better than doing nothing at all. With that in mind, even keeping on the go with everyday activities such as yard work and walking the dog can be advantageous.

In addition, it is not always necessary to lose an abundance of weight to see a difference of pain and swelling that you have. For example, certain studies have revealed that even a loss of just ten pounds can be beneficial in the reduction of added pressure on the bones and joints.

If you are just beginning a weight loss program, even if you simply have a goal to lose a pound each week, you will soon start to see vast improvement. Before you begin or alter any type of weight loss plan that you are on, however, it is always best to first discuss your plan with your doctor. He or she can then provide you with a plan that works specifically for you and your specific needs.

Other Methods Of Controlling Or Managing Arthritis

For some people, it may be necessary to use other methods of controlling or managing their arthritis. This often means the taking of medication. Yet, even though certain medications may provide substantial benefit, they can also be harmful from the perspective of side effects.

Because of the harmful nature and the seriousness of certain side effects, taking medication for arthritis could have an impact on your life insurance coverage application. But, as all life insurance carriers may underwrite their applicants for coverage in a different manner, just how much of an effect could depend on the individual insurer.

For this reason, it can be helpful to review several different life insurance companies before making your purchase – as the premium amount that is charged can oftentimes differ, and in some cases, the price difference may be significant.

Where You Can Find The Best Life Insurance Rates If You Are Overweight And Have Arthritis

Losing weight can impact several areas of your life in positive ways – and especially if you suffer from the pain and swelling that arthritis can cause. Doing so can also help you to be more active, to feel better overall, and possibly even to stop taking medication for the effects of your arthritis pain. All of these can, in turn, help you to get a better premium rate when you’re shopping for life insurance.

In order to truly compare life insurance premiums, though, it is necessary to review the offerings of several different carriers. When you are ready to proceed with this, we can help. We work with many of the top life insurance carriers in the industry, and we can assist you with getting all of the details that you need. To move forward, just simply fill out the quote form on this page.

If you have any additional questions or concerns, please call us directly, toll-free, at 800-277-3098. Our experts will walk you through how to obtain policy quotes, as well as assist you with determining which life insurance carrier may be best for you and your particular life insurance protection needs. So, contact us today – we are here to help.

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About Growth 360, LLC

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