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Best Exercises While Living With Arthritis

Written by Growth 360, LLC

Those who live with arthritis know just how painful and debilitating this condition can be. This condition, which commonly causes extreme pain and inflammation in the joints, can affect your life in many ways.

Many who suffer from the pain and inflammation from arthritis seek medical help. And, while there is no way to reduce the damage that has already been done, there are ways to work with managing or controlling the ongoing pain.

How You Can Manage Or Control Your Arthritis

life insurance with arthritisThere are several ways to help the pain and inflammation that arthritis can cause you. These include getting regular exercise, as well as taking certain types of medication. In fact, if you have arthritis, exercise can be essential for your management and / or control of this condition. One reason for this is because exercise can help you to increase both your strength and flexibility, while at the same time reducing joint pain. In addition, being on a regular exercise regimen can also work to combat the fatigue that you may feel.

You don’t have to overtax yourself when participating in an exercise program. Even just a moderate amount of exercise can successfully help with easing the pain of this condition – and it also has other benefits, too, such as helping you to maintain your weight.

Some of the exercises that tend to be best for those who have arthritis include:

  • Range of Motion – Range of motion exercises can help you with relieving stiffness. These exercises can also help with increasing your ability to move your joints through their full range of motion. Range of motion exercises can include raising your arms up over your head and rolling your shoulders back and forth. Typically, range of motion exercises can be performed each day.
  • Strength Training – Strength training includes exercises that can help you with building up the muscles that support and protect your joints. One good example of strength training includes working with weights. When you participate in strength training exercises, it is essential that you not work out the same group of muscles two days in a row. This is because resting for a day between workouts can help you to reduce pain and swelling that might occur.
  • Aerobics – Aerobic or endurance, exercises can also be helpful to your overall fitness, as well as beneficial with reducing the joint pain or stiffness that you may feel if you have arthritis. Taking part in aerobic exercise can also help you with increasing your stamina, and giving you more energy overall. There are certain types of aerobic exercises that may be more beneficial than others, as they can allow you to take advantage of certain movements, yet without causing additional harm to your bones and joints. Some of these can include swimming, walking, and bicycling. If you have access to an elliptical machine, this too can be a positive form of exercise when you have arthritis. When taking part in aerobic exercise, it is often best to go at a slow to moderate intensity.

There are also other activities that can keep you active, and also help you with reducing inflammation or pain that arthritis can cause. For example, even just doing some of your regular, everyday activities such as walking the dog, cutting the grass, and / or raking leaves can be helpful. Likewise, you could also participate in activities like tai chi or yoga. Doing so can be helpful for improving your balance and preventing falls. They are also known for promoting relaxation – which can, in turn, be beneficial for reducing stiffness and pain.

Advantages Of Exercising When You Have Arthritis

Just some of the key advantages that can come from exercising when you have arthritis include:

  • Strengthening of muscles around the joints
  • Helping to maintain bone strength
  • Providing more energy and less fatigue
  • Making it easier to sleep at night
  • Improving balance
  • Enhancing overall quality of life

Certainly, when your bones and joints are stiff and in pain, it may be difficult to think about being physically active, such as walking or swimming. But the reality is that getting your body in motion can be extremely effective.

Prior to beginning or changing your exercise program, it is important to first discuss it with your doctor. This is because, while there are several exercises that may be good for those who have arthritis, your specific exercise program will depend upon the type of arthritis that you have, as well as which of your joints are involved. Therefore, a medical professional and / or physical therapist may be able to develop an exercise plan based upon your health condition, so that it can provide you with the most amount of benefit.

What Medications Are Used To Treat Arthritis?

In addition to physical activity, there are many people who have arthritis who are prescribed medications to help with reducing the pain and / or the inflammation that can be present. Some of the more common medications that are prescribed include nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs – also referred to as NSAIDs.

But, while NSAIDs can have certain benefits, there can also be some side effects to be aware of – particularly if you have been taking NSAIDs for a long period. That is because doing so may lead to serious issues such as stroke or heart attack.

Is There A Chance Of Being Denied For Life Insurance By Taking Arthritis Medications?

Because of the seriousness of the side effects that could be caused from NSAIDs, taking these medications for a long time period could have an effect on your application for life insurance coverage.

Therefore, if you are considering life insurance, the underwriters at the insurance carrier will typically want to know as much as possible regarding your arthritis condition, as well as about any medications that you may be taking.

If you are also working to manage or control your arthritis through exercise, this can be a positive sign in the eyes of the underwriters. This is because participating in exercise is a more natural way to improve your condition. Plus, exercise can have other health related benefits, too, such as the maintenance of a healthy weight, and building up better muscle structure. Because this can improve your health overall, it can deem you as being less risky for the insurance company to take on as a life insurance policyholder.

Where To Find The Best Life Insurance Rates If You Have Arthritis

If you have arthritis and you are seeking life insurance coverage, we can help. We work with many of the best life insurance companies in the marketplace today, and we can provide you with the details that you need. When you are ready to proceed, just take a quick moment to fill out the quote form on this page.

We can also answer any questions that you may have regarding how exercise and / or medications that are taken for arthritis may affect your application for life insurance. Please feel free to call us directly at 800-277-3098.

When you have arthritis, there can be certain factors that affect your life insurance coverage. But, by working with an expert in the field, you can be pointed in the right direction regarding obtaining the best coverage for your needs. Contact us today – we’re here to help.

About Growth 360, LLC
About Growth 360, LLC

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